How we operate

As a people’s tribunal, the International People’s Tribunal (IPT) 1965 derives its power from the voices of victims, and of national and international civil societies. The IPT 1965 has the format of a formal human rights court. It is not a criminal court in the sense that individual persons are indicted. The prosecutors will indict the state of Indonesia, based on the proofs presented of responsibility for the widespread and systematic crimes against humanity committed after the ‘events of 1965’ in Indonesia. The proof presented consists of documents, audiovisual materials, statements of witnesses and other recognized legale means. The power of this Tribunal is to examine the evidence, develop an accurate historical and scientific record and apply principles of International law to the facts as found. The judges produce a verdict based on the material presented and call upon the Government of Indonesia to realize that so far they have failed to take legal and moral responsibility for the victims. This verdict can also be used as a basis for an UN resolution on these crimes.

How to contact us

On IPT affairs: sekretariat@1965tribunal.org
For media/website: media@1965tribunal.org