Press Policy International People Tribunal 1965
10-­‐13 November 2015

Please take note of the following:
Registration and Accreditation Form

  1. The press that will attend IPT 1965 is requested to register by filling in the provided accreditation form (please refer to )
  2. The form filling includes press card or press accreditation
  3. Registration will be conducted everyday from 08.15-­‐08.45 at the registration desk on the basement of Nieuwe Kerk.

Courtroom opens 15 minutes before start.

  1. Please print out the accreditation form and present it together with your press card to the uniformed security guard at the outside front gate. Enter the building and go down to the basement.
  2. The press is requested to present their press card during registration and will be given a special press card from the Press Officer.

Please wear visibly at all times.

  1. Payment of 10 euro is required for the lunch. At the registration desk pay for the number of days you will attend—this is for lunch, coffee/tea
  2. The press that has registered will receive information regarding IPT 1965 through an official press kit, issued by the Media Team
  3. We will give a priority to the press that has filled in the accreditation form, both for interview and photography
  4. The cloakroom (garderobe) will be guarded at all times by staff of the Nieuwe Kerk. Coats and other equipment can be deposited securely there.

The Opening of IPT 1965 Session
The opening of the International People’s Tribunal 1965 Session, which will be conducted on the 10th of November 2015, from 09.00-­‐11.00 is open for the invitees and the press. Courtroom opens 15 minutes before start.
IPT 1965 Session

  1. The Press that has registered may attend the session. We also ask you not to leave when the court is in session. Please note the adjusted time schedule in the programme below.
  2. During the hearings there will be continuous simultaneous translation, both Indonesian-­‐English and English-­‐Indonesian. Pick up a headset when you enter the courtroom if you wish to make use of this service, and please leave the headset on your chair during breaks.
  3. During the session, the press is not allowed to take neither photographs nor videos . Mobile phone use is forbidden inside the courtroom. If you do, these will be confiscated and returned to you after the hearings.
  4. All sessions will be live-­‐streamed to Indonesia. The cameras will be aimed only at the judges, prosecutors and the witnesses who agree to be filmed
  5. The IPT foundation has a media team that has the sole authority to film and

take photos. Film and photo making will only be done by the Official Documentation Team of IPT 1965 and the teams that have been agreed by the Media Team of IPT 1965
Parallel Program

  1. During the court sessions there is a parallel programme in the basement with interviews, photos and films.
  2. The press has the full freedom to cover the activities during the parallel program at the basement of Nieuwe Kerk


  1. According to the request through the accreditation process, interviews will be carried out during the coffee break. Coffee/tea and lunch will be available in the basement.
  2. The interview schedule with IPT 1965’s informants will be arranged by the Press Officer of IPT 1965

Press Conference/Press Briefing

  1. Press conference will be conducted everyday, where the actual situation of the day will be presented (please refer to the program)
  2. The actual news can also be obtained from the website 1965
  3. During the press conference several relevant informants will be presented

Visual and Audiovisual Materials
1. Visual and audiovisual materials can be obtained from the website