The repressive atmosphere on communism is still alive in Indonesia. A poet from Kendal, Central Java was visited by member of mass organisation of Pemuda Pancasila (PP). He was accused of uploading the communist party photos to Facebook.

KENDAL, The house of a poet from Kendal, Cantral Java, Kelana in Bungangin village, was visited inmpromptu by members of mass organisation Pemuda Pancasila on Saturday (30/5/2015). The arrival of PP members was heavily guarded by the local police.

They came to ask information from the poet/human rights activist related to his performance at the event of the Indonesian national awakening discussion and Javanese feodal cooptation politic in revolution held in NU building, Kendal, 23 May 2015. But the poet Kelana wasnt at his home.

Kelana has uploaded photos of this event activities in Kendal sub-district Facebook under the title PKI Awakening Day. But then after he received strong comments and his post became polemic from public, finally he erased the pictures.

Arief Sudibyo from Pemuda Pancasila Kendal who also came to Kelanas house said that they would ask him to clarify about the purpose of this event and ordered him to erase all PKI attributes he has been uploaded to Kendal Sub-district Facebook.

We also asked Kendal Sub-district Facebooks account administration to be more selective in receiving publics post,especially if it could create unconducive situation in Kendal, added Arif.

Kelana was also asked to erase all his Genjer-genjer articles on his house wall, for they are identical with the Indonesian Communist Party.

The head of PP Kendal, Gufroni, said that the officials had missed this event. According to the Law Tap MPRS XXV/1966 on communist ideology restriction in Indonesia has not been repealed. Therefore all communist activity is still not allowed.

Several days ago in Kendal, we had missed a celebration of PKI awakening event, and the law enforcement let that happened,said Gufroni.

Gufroni said, PP has confirmed to NU organisation and The Head of GP Ansor Kendal related to this event. But, both organisations denied knowing about this event. The organisator of this event submitted the permit as an art performance.

Kelana said to that this event was only a discussion session to commemorate the Nation Awakening Day and Javanese Feodal Cooptation in Revolution. He denied the accusation of commemorating communist party awakening day and posting it on Kendal Facebook.

This event was not to commemorate PKI day, but National Awakening Day,said Kelana.

While for Genjer-genjer articles on his house wall, Kelana said that Genjer-genjer is only a folk song from Banyuwangi and it does not have any connection with PKI.