Joss Wibisono & Linawati Sidarto

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdEPYRfN9uo

At IPT 1965 The Hague 11 Nov. 2015

Starting at the prosecutor’s question: “Apakah Ibu tahu pelakunya (Do you know the perpetrator)?” at 38’55”

Few eyes were dry on the second day in the IPT 1965 courtroom. On the witness stand this Tuesday afternoon was Mrs. Tintin Rahayu (not her real name), recounting the torture she suffered in a voice which was shaken yet full of resolve. Several times she broke down in sobs, and yet composed herself and continued her story. Her hair was burned, she was beaten with a bicycle, her head was hit repeatedly, she was stripped naked and … had to endure numerous sexual abuses which I don’t have the heart to write down here. She was accused of waging a political guerilla.

Although she was a student (and member of the Catholic Students’ Association) and a teacher at the time, Mrs. Tintin did not know what the interrogator meant by political guerilla. Towards the end of her testimony, she asked: “Can I mention the name of my worst torturer?” She asked this twice, and the prosecutor said “yes.” With a trembling voice, she uttered the name of her monster. He was (I held my breath) … Lukman Sutrisna (Sutrisno – Red), the late professor at the respected Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta.

Mrs. Tintin Rahayu, who did not have her period for almost a year as a result of the torture, sounded relieved after voicing that famous name.