Public Seminar by the International People’s Tribunal (IPT) 1965 10 April 2015, at 14.00 to 18.00 in The Hague, Netherlands

Following the launch of its website last December, the IPT 1965 will officially present its campaign in a public seminar on 10 April 2015.

The aims of the campaign and the activities leading to the actual tribunal to be held later this year will be placed against the backdrop of the current human rights situation in Indonesia. The components and mechanisms of the legal approach at the tribunal, including the indictment process, will be explained and discussed. Insights will be provided into the ways in which the campaign links up with the efforts conducted in Indonesia by the victims and survivors of the crimes of 1965 in voicing their grief and in truth finding in the attempt to reach some form of reconciliation.

Jan Pronk, Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Social Studies and visiting Professor at the UN University of Peace, will address the audience as keynote speaker. The legal experts speaking at the seminar are Cees Flinterman, member of the UN Human Rights Committee at the United Nations; Todung Mulya Lubis, prominent Indonesian lawyer and Nurysahbani Katjasungkana, human rights lawyer and chairperson of the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation. Other speakers are Gerry van Klinken, Professor of Southeast Asian Social and Economic History at the University of Amsterdam and Martijn Eickhoff, senior researcher at the NIOD Institute for War Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Amsterdam.

Information about the venue will be announced later.

This announcement is meant as a “save the date” so everyone can start making travel plans. We hope to see everyone in The Hague.

IPT 1965 Foundation