The Hague 10 November 2015
On behalf of the seven of us who will perform our job and fulfill our mandate as Judges in this International People’s Tribunal 1965, I wish to express our respect to all of you who are here as witnesses with the aim to clarify and to explain the bitter events that happened fifty years ago.
We understand how difficult it was for you to decide to come here, so far away from home and your beloved country, in order to reveal in general the experience that your country went through fifty years ago, which was so bitter and painful. We are also aware of the fact that you have to face and overcome so many hindrances and problems in order to make your trip to this place.
We thank you all again for your bravery and commitment, deep from your heart, to appear as witnesses. Without you being here, and without the testimonies from other victims, we would not be able to perform our task as mandated by this court.
Thank you very much.